Mentoring For both Beginner and Professional Photographers

Thank you for taking an interest in our mentoring program. Hi my name is Chuck, and since 2012 I have been teaching myself the art of photography and editing. I've spent years fine tuning my craft, with countless hours spent online take tutorials just to learn how to become a professional. The amount of money I've spent and mistakes I have made over the years have only helped me grow. It has given me the ability teach you how to avoid what I had to go through which is in opinion is (Priceless)! One of my main passions besides photography is teaching and mentoring other photographers new and young on how to take beautiful pictures for their clients.

I can't wait to show you the ropes, without all of the fluff, gimmicks, and hype. Just straight reality, and all you'll need to know to dramatically shorten your learning curve!

Option 1:

* Learn your Camera workshop - Beginner to Intermediate Photographers (Onsite and interactive)

Are you interested in becoming a professional photographer, but not 100% sure where to start? Maybe you're just wanting to get a better understanding of your DLSR camera.

You're in luck because we offer a 3 hour private class on learning your camera. This is a beginner's class where we'll talk about the different in mode options of your DLSR, the exposure triangle, basic composition techniques. This can be done on an individual basis or as a class for up to 10 people. ($500 for an individual, $250 per person for group.) Group discount - book with friends of 5 or more and receive and host student is free!!! 

Option 2:

* Mentoring for the Semi-Professional and Professional Photographers (Onsite and interactive)

Are you a semi-professional or a professional photographer looking to take your image composition and editing skills to the next level? I've got you covered there as well. With this one on one mentoring course, we're going to become friends quick! Why you may ask, because you have me for a total 16 hours broken up into two (2), eight (8) hour sessions, or four (4) hour, four (4) sessions! Your choice. With this course option, we'll meet up to do a review your current portfolio, talk about your strengths and what you see your weakness as weaknesses. We'll discuss you current workflow as reveal the secrets to mine, and go over any other questions you may have. Owning your own successful photography business can be tricky because you as the sole business owner and photographer have to wear so many hats. But, I'm here to help you with that as well if you feel you need some advise! During these sessions, meals are on me! What's included:

  1. 4-6 hours of photographing together on location (TBD). This is a great time to ask a ton of questions and receive real time answers. -- typically working with model, but that will depend on what your goals are for our time. Then after we shoot for a while, we will work on editing together.
  2. My go to camera settings for family shoots and night time photography
  3. How to set up and balance off camera flash 
  4. If you are a wedding photographer we will spend time on how to set up and use both direct and in-direct flash for getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, and ring shots.
  5. My go to 3 step process for creating beautiful sunset images for your bride and groom 
  6. Plus much more for only ($1,100) 


  • Both courses come with our downloadable go to guide, "7 Core Family Poses Quick Sheet"!!! Plus an in depth understanding as to why we use them in EVERY Family Session. This way, you will Never have worry about fumbling around for an idea in front of client again! A $100 value, FREE with this course!